Japanese Nail Art Lessons

at anytime, anywhere!

  • Learn the latest Japanese Nail Art from Sensei at the comfort of your home. 在舒适的家中,于Sensei了解最新的日本美甲

  • MY NAIL BOX is full with nail art ideas & tips for you. Just open MY NAIL BOX to access the latest Nail Art techniques & tips you need for your inspiration! 我的美甲盒里满是美甲的想法和秘诀。 只需打开“我的美甲盒”,即可获取最新的美甲技巧和启发您所需的技巧!

Japanese Eyelash Extensions Courses


  • learn Japanese eyelash extensions at your own pace, from basic to practical with step-by-step instructions. 您可以按照自己的节奏学习日式接长睫毛,从基础到实用。 通过分步说明。

  • Learn how to choose materials and consultation.学习如何选择材料和咨询

  • Subtitle in English and Chinese 中英文字幕

Instructors - Sensei

Nail Artist

Kana -

Freelance Nail artist base in L.A. Started her nails career at nail salon in Tokyo. JNEC 1st grade nailist, JNA gel nailist advanced, California manicurist lisence instagram @nailsby_kana

Lylystyle Owner / Storygel 365 Art Designer

Sayuri -

Base in Shibuya, Tokyo. She holds nail art seminar in all over Japan and China. Her nail art and activity has featured in Nail magazine in Japan JNEC 1st grade nailist, JNA gel nailist advanced Instagram @sayuri.yomota TikTok @sayuri.yomota

ITH Private Nail Salon Owner

Izumi -

Salon owner base in Singapore with 10+ years career of salon work JNA 1st grade nailist instagram @ith_privatenailsalon

Nail Art Certification Course

S$18 (SGD) per Month

♥Earn Nail Art Certificate ♥Each lessons are categorized from Level 1 (Beginner) to Level 5 (advanced). You can learn step-by-step or challenge higher level if it is your favorite art!

Library Membership

S$6 (SGD) per Month