Japanese Nail Art Lessons

at anytime, anywhere!

  • Learn the latest Japanese Nail Art from Sensei at the comfort of your home. 在舒适的家中,于Sensei了解最新的日本美甲

  • MY NAIL BOX is full with nail art ideas & tips for you. Just open MY NAIL BOX to access the latest Nail Art techniques & tips you need for your inspiration! 我的美甲盒里满是美甲的想法和秘诀。 只需打开“我的美甲盒”,即可获取最新的美甲技巧和启发您所需的技巧!


  • Weekly Lessons 每周课程

    Nail art lessons delivered weekly by Japanese nail art sensei. 日本美甲师每周提供一次美甲课程。

  • Library 图书馆

    Free access to the library - your NAIL BOX with more than 50 nail art lessons. 免费登录图书馆-您的美甲盒,提供50多个美甲教程。

  • Our Instructors (Sensei) 我们的老师

    Our senseis are active in Japan and other countries with a lot of experiences in the Japan nail industries / Learn nail techniques in Japan. You can catch up on the latest nail art from Japan, Asia, and USA. 我们的老师(Sensei)的于日本和其他国家,在日本指甲行业有丰富的经验/在日本学习指甲技术。 您可以了解来自日本,亚洲和美国的最新指甲艺术。

  • Earn your Certificate 赚取您的证书

    You can earn your nail art certificates via our nail art courses. You can display it as a proof and dedication of your nail art skills and latest technique acquisitions. 您可以通过我们的美甲课程获得美甲证书。 您可以将其显示为您的美甲技巧和最新技术的证明和奉献。*For Nail Art Certification Course

  • Wide Range of Lessons from Beginner to Advanced Level 从初级到高级的广泛课程

    Each lessons are categorized from Level 1 (Beginner) to Level 5 (advanced). You can learn step-by-step or challenge higher level if it is your favorite art! 每节课从Level 1(初级)到 Level5(高级)分类。 如果您最喜欢美甲设计,可以逐步学习或挑战更高的水平! *For Nail Art Certification Course

Recommended for:


  • People who enjoys doing nail art for themselves or friends! 喜欢为自己或朋友们做指甲的人!

  • Professionals who wants to keep themselves equipped with the latest nail art techniques and materials. 想要保持自己掌握最新美甲技术和材料的专业人士。

  • Nail school students 美甲学生

  • ...... And all nail lovers across the world!! 还有全世界的所有美甲爱好者!

Instructors - Sensei

Nail Artist

Kana -

Freelance Nail artist base in L.A. Started her nails career at nail salon in Tokyo. JNEC 1st grade nailist, JNA gel nailist advanced, California manicurist lisence instagram @nailsby_kana

Lylystyle Owner / Storygel 365 Art Designer

Sayuri -

Base in Shibuya, Tokyo. She holds nail art seminar in all over Japan and China. Her nail art and activity has featured in Nail magazine in Japan JNEC 1st grade nailist, JNA gel nailist advanced Instagram @sayuri.yomota TikTok @sayuri.yomota

ITH Private Nail Salon Owner

Izumi -

Salon owner base in Singapore with 10+ years career of salon work JNA 1st grade nailist instagram @ith_privatenailsalon

Nail Art Certification Course

S$18 (SGD) per Month

♥Earn Nail Art Certificate ♥Each lessons are categorized from Level 1 (Beginner) to Level 5 (advanced). You can learn step-by-step or challenge higher level if it is your favorite art!

Library Membership

S$6 (SGD) per Month